Peace Day at TCHS

September 2015

Service Learning Council students sponsored the UN International Day of Peace with this year's theme, Partnerships for Peace, Dignity for All. Students studied nonviolent strategies and conflict resolution; the accomplishments of 8 Nobel Peace Prize winners; the UN International Day of Peace and the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

They created bulletin boards and sponsored a peace t-shirt contest to promote peace.  They also hosted the Global Peace Film Festival and Brian Rusch, the Executive Director of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation, which is based in California.

Trip to Washington, DC

June 2015

With Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Three exceptional Service Learning Council students, Matt, Angel and Alexis were awarded an all expenses paid trip to Washington, DC. in June.

The highlight of the trip was the annual two-hour meeting with Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas that took place in the Inner Chambers of the Supreme Court Building. He shared some of his experiences and urged the students to do their best and follow their dreams.

Students also enjoyed visits to the White House and the memorials of Presidents Roosevelt, Jefferson and Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They also explored the Korean, Viet Nam and World War II Memorials, the Arlington
Cemetery and Mount Vernon, the Estate of George Washington.

At the White House
Students enjoyed a Sunday brunch that was  held on the Potomac River on
Spirit Cruise Lines “Eat, Drink and B. Mary” Sunday cruise.

Students also attended  a special dance performance at Dance Place. It ended with audience participation, allowing the students to perform with the troupe.
They also spent an afternoon at the Smithsonian Museums. 

Mount Vernon

Celebrating of a Year of Service!

The amazing, magnificent, fantastic, superior, awe-inspiring 2014-2015 Service Learning Council!
Back row (l-r): Alexis, Kara, Aaron, Fatima, Emma, Madison, Stephanie, Jocelyn, Lany, Rachel,
Brooke, Alexis, Matt and Hannah. Front row (l-r): Angel, Caleigh, and Adrian.

By Mrs. Doromal

The 2014-2015 Service Learning Council was a hardworking, dedicated, and creative group of 18 extraordinary students. Each one brought something special to the group to make it an outstanding and memorable council.  Each student will forever hold a place in my heart. 

Together these stars earned over 18,000 service hours in the school and community! What did they do? 

They worked in hospitals in Orlando and even in Chicago while on vacation. They Walked Like MADD to prevent drunk driving. 

They worked to end human trafficking by serving at the Human Trafficking Awareness Day at Lake Eola and sponsoring the Florida Abolitionists and Set Free for a dynamic and inspiring Human Trafficking Awareness Day at TCHS. 

They sponsored CANtastic to collect food for the Health Care Center for the Homeless and the TCHS Food Pantry. They collected Ensure, Boost and Gatorade for the homeless cancer patients.  As the last project before summer, they collected mosquito repellant, bottled water, jeans and cells phones for the Health Care Center for the Homeless Hope Team to distribute to the homeless who live on the streets and in the woods.

They sponsored Red Ribbon Day to teach the dangers of drug use; UN International Day of Peace to promote peace and tolerance; Green Holiday and Earth Day to promote Environmental Stewardship. They created the activities for the OCPS Green Day and they oversaw the recycling program for the school.

They taught about civil rights and black history with over 40 bulletin boards. They taught about the dangers of texting and driving through Public Service Announcements aired on WOLF TV.

They donated over $600 to the COMPACT Program to be used for student scholarships. They served in animals shelters, churches, at sports camps, at the homeless shelters, in classrooms, with Clean the World, and with migrant farm worker advocates. They participated in walks and fund raisers to fight cancer, cerebral palsy and domestic violence. 

Under the leadership of Angel, they produced a film for the White House Film Festival to promote service. They wrote editorials and editorial cartoons about Florida environmental issues that was compiled into a book for future service learning students.

They won every major prize in the county's Red Ribbon Day essay, poster and Public Service Announcement contests. Four of them recorded, "Molly is not your friend", a Public Service Announcement discouraging the use of the drug, Molly that was aired on iHeart Radio. They won first prize from the Orange County SADD/SAFE Drug-Free Enhancement Program for their dedication to promoting a drug-free school and community. 

They attended the premiere of Food Chains and participated in a forum on farm worker issues. They performed service at the Global Peace Film Festival. They volunteered to assist at several Avalon Park events and collected candy so that the children at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital could celebrate Halloween from their hospital beds.

The council students exemplify everything that is great about service learning. They proved that no one has to wait until they are an adult to be a valuable citizen of their community. 

To the Service Learning Council: I want to thank each of you for making me proud, and astonishing me with the depth of your compassion and generous hearts. Sometimes you may take the backstage to the star athletes, performers and scholars, but in my eyes you are true stars. You took what you learned in class and applied that knowledge in the school and community to make a real and lasting difference in hundreds of lives. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

Presenting cords to seniors

Adrian and Aaron

The long table of friends.

As we were leaving the restaurant, we ran into Fernando
Nunez, who was the Service Learning Council
Vice President in 2009. Fernando took what he learned in the SLC
to start Beyond the Wall, a nonprofit to help the needy in Columbia.


May 2015

For the third year the Service Learning Council was asked to facilitate the activities for the OCPS Green Day in Winter Park. Three schools who promote environmental stewardship and recycling were chosen to participate in the event.
One elementary school student said, "This is the best field trip I ever went on!"

We put together a variety of activities: life size board game, jug toss, bottle cap matching games, newspaper hats, face painting, Keurig cup plants, 2-liter ring toss, egg carton caterpillars, environmental bookmarks, magazine mosaics, trash relay, trash sculpture, and more!

Lany and Rachel wear newspaper hats

Matching game made from bottle caps

Making hats with Brooke and Caleigh

Trash sculpture

Emma helped students make magazine bead necklaces

Madison showed students how to
plant seed in Keurig cups.

Screech owl from Back to Nature Wildlife

Trash sculpture

Kara shows students how to make egg
carton caterpillars.

Trash relay race

Making a newspaper hat
Ring toss games

Finished hat!

Life size board game

Rachel face painting.

AFT President Randi Weingarten Visits TCHS Service Leraning Program

May 2015

Randi Weingarten wrote a check to the Health Care
Center for the Homeless

The Service Learning Council was honored to host AFT President Randi Weingarten and several AFT staff members. Ms. Weingarten visited our service learning classes. Students were presenting their portfolios that documented their semester-long independent service learning projects. They told Ms. Weingarten about their service with feeder schools, and various community nonprofits including, human trafficking partners, farm worker groups, and agencies that support the homeless.

Ms. Weingarten asked us who was our favorite partner and charity. When we told her, "The Health Care Center for the Homeless" she wrote a generous check to them!

Ms. Weingarten, Janet, LaFrances and others were supportive of our work.  After they visited our class, we escorted them to the TCHS Credit Union where they talked to the teacher and student bankers. Then we took her to the robotics classes.

We were excited that Ms. Weingarten spoke about us on Twitter.

Mrs. D and Randi W.


April 2015

We held Earth Day to promote environmental stewardship for TCHS students.
We had a life size environmental board game, a Trash-in Fashion Show, face painting by Lany, and several displays to address environmental issues.

Lany face painting

Life size board game

Alexis promotes her display about the problem of over fishing that is destroying the oceans.

Caliegh wearing her newspaper hat

Beautiful Nashalie models her newspaper dress on the green carpet.

Joseph's Vietnamese hat created from cardboard

Service Learning Enters a Film in WH Film Festival

SLC students made a card and party to
recognize the work of filmmaker and SLC
member Angel Gonzalez

April 2015

Angel Gonzalez created a film about the service learning council for the 2-15 White House Film Festival. The film was Angel's independent service learning project. He spent over 75 hours creating storyboards, shooting the footage and editing the 3 minute short. The film won an honorable mention!

Angel shared his production with the TCHS Administration who praised his work.

Thanks Angel for promoting service learning, the TCHS Service Learning Council and social justice!

Walking Like MADD and for COMPACT

April 2015

Service learning students walked like MADD to raise money to prevent drunk driving.

Jocelyn and Caleigh with our partner, Sharon from
the Orange County Drug Free Coalition
Some SLC students at Walk Like MADD
Service Learning Council students raised over $600 for COMPACT's Walk-a-thon to fund COMPACT Scholarships.

Fatima and Alexis at the COMPACT Walk

Students gather for the walk

Adrian met his friend from the COMPACT Washington, DC Trip

Dr. Phillips track

Rachel and Lany

Council members with young walkers

SeaWorld - A whale of a good time

March 2015
SeaWorld provided tickets for the members of the Service Learning Council to visit the park. We spent a day riding roller coasters, feeding stingrays, visiting penguins and attending shows.  Thank you to SeaWorld and to COMPACT Executive Director George Fuller for giving us a fantastic day! Thank you to COMPACT's Rocky Robinson and David Gardner for chaperoning! 

We made a giant thank you card

Coloring the card

Matt with the flamingos

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The penguin encounter was freezing!


How did Mrs. D. get in the fish tank?

Beautiful tropical fish

A great day!